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The story of Beautanix started in 2015 when Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After two operations Margaret was informed that she was to go through nearly five weeks of radiotherapy. Having typical pale Celtic skin she knew without a doubt she would burn and her skin would be very sensitive to the procedure.

Ignoring Advice

After speaking to the oncologist a month before the radiotherapy,  she asked if she could make a lotion up to put on the area every night after the treatment. The oncologist said to leave it for at least three and a half weeks after it had completely finished, then she could apply her oil. So Margaret went home and completely ignored his advice and set about making a formulation to take away the itching, calm the sensitivity and regenerate the skin.  Margaret was called back 3 weeks after finishing her course of radiotherapy for the oncologist to check the area. He was amazed at the condition of it and said ignoring his advice was the best thing she did!

It was then that Margaret started to realise that there was not a lot of products for people to use going through the harsh effects of cancer, and this is where “MY Simple Saviour” was born to help with skin going through radiotherapy.

Complementary Therapy

Margaret’s background is in Complementary Therapy and has worked with these plant extracts for the last eleven years, and used them on her clients and seen the healing and rejuvenating effect they have had.

The roller coaster journey of working for herself has been a real learning curve and extremely challenging. From self-funding and keeping the motivation going when times get tough.

Margaret’s Business Tips

The tip is not to spread yourself too thinly, concentrate on the things you excel on and if you can delegate the areas where you are weak, even if you can get somebody to help you once a month with the things you struggle with. It will, without a doubt push the business on. Other points Margaret would suggest are:

1) Stay in contact with your existing clients whilst still growing your client bank. Always make them feel special, and any query or question get back to them straight away with a solution.

2) Make sure all literature you give out matches with all your branding and flows, otherwise trying to do it on the cheap (she learnt the hard way!) Will let your brand down.

3) Know your business, you can never stop learning as knowledge is power.

Margaret would say her biggest challenge is the business side of Beautanix, as she does not naturally have a business brain and has to work hard at it.

Herts University Business Incubator

This is where the Herts University Business Incubator Group has helped immensely. Mingling with likeminded supportive people who are friendly and extremely supportive. Also working with Innovate To Succeed certainly gave her fantastic grounding, and a far more professional outlook on the business.

Founder: Margaret Frixou