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The idea for Conversion Detectives came about when I was working for a personalised gift company, Signature Gifts. Part of my role was to grow an affiliate programme. As I had no experience of affiliate marketing I went to the affiliate forum event at London Excel. The entrepreneurial spirit of the online affiliate excited me into starting my own business.

Digital Marketing Every Day

I went to EVERY seminar, workshop and talk and learned a huge amount (and in subsequent years). It was like a finishing school for digital business entrepreneurs.

More Traffic, More Conversions

Fascinated and inspired I went on to found this business, bringing what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced to all manner of businesses. Increasing social following, organic traffic, email list building and converting more visitors into sales.

Conversion Detectives

When I started Conversion Detectives word of mouth started me on my way. All my clients came from friends, business associates and through networking. Now I’m aiming to grow the consultancy with more obvious marketing methods.


We all love a good buzzword don’t we?  I ‘pivoted’ from my original idea to produce Conversion Optimisation (CO) reports. I almost always ended up being an outsourced online marketing manager helping with a broad range of activities, from blogging to Website traffic building.

To Digital Detective Agency

Now I provide consultancy with some hands on projects. I look at the strategy and create the tactics (tactics are the detail of the strategy) and in turn the tactics into prioritised actions.

Creative Conversion Marketing

Creative content (there’s that jargon word, it means information or entertainment in this context) brings with it great advantages from pleasing the people that visit your website or social presence to other sites linking to yours and therefore gaining organic traffic.

Conversion marketing means converting more of your traffic into sales or leads. Businesses can look at the conversion value of all they do from how many viewers watch a video to how many shares on a tweet.

Digital Detective

Now I style myself (get him) as a Digital Marketing Consultant, that is a Conversion Detective because it is detective work finding the profit, the best for the visitor and ideas that potential and existing customers find engaging.

Creative Writer

I’m a bit of a hybrid part digital detective part comedy writer. O’ I’ve a few sketches on TV (erm, a long time ago, been doing digital you see), was runner up in a BBC sitcom competition, written for a couple of stand ups and had my plays staged in Herts and London. So, when I say creative is VERY important online I can deliver that. It’s a winning combination.

I’m based in Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire but travel to a range of clients all over the UK.

The Hertfordshire University Incubator programme has given support, networking and a focus. I can’t recommend it more to aspiring businesses.

Why That Picture?

Because I love art. It’s also how I see the web. A blend of different ideas combining for profit. Look closely at the image. What do you see?

Jim’s Business Tip

Don’t follow what other businesses do. How do you know they’re getting it right? By all means test but come up with your own blend and benchmark what you do. Record all your metrics and find the ones that bring profit.

Conversion Detectives Ltd
Founder: Jim Kinloch