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Pocket PA’s journey began in 2016 when Caroline Syson’s daughter Megan told her she wanted to work for herself as a Lash Technician!

Caroline wanted something to help Meg run her business on the go and to give her a simple but structured solution to manage all her Clients, Appointments, Invoicing and Accounts in one place from her phone.

When Caroline couldn’t find exactly what she wanted, she decided to make it herself!

Web-Based App

The web-based app now works on all phones, tablets and computers to give a 1-click solution for any microbusiness owner to understand their finances and manage all their admin tasks at the touch of a few buttons.  It manages all income and expenses, does online booking, sends invoices for speedy payments and has a beautifully colour-coded appointments diary

Simple-to-use Business Tool

It’s a very simple-to-use business tool and backs up everything on the cloud for easy access 24/7 and with Making Tax Digital coming very soon, everyone will need a digitally compliant software to record and submit all their accounts on.

Before Pocket PA, Caroline had a varied background of business experience ranging from her own private physiotherapy practice to a property development and investment company.

Small Business Owner

As a small business owner herself, Caroline understands the challenges that any new start up faces and knows how overwhelming it can be when you have to do everything yourself and you’re managing it all on a shoe-string.

Building a Technology Product

Caroline’s biggest challenge to bring Pocket PA to market has been overcoming the huge gap in her knowledge about building a technology product with no background experience whatsoever.  Her determination to always ‘find a way’ and work with ‘people who can’ has brought the app to life and proved that anyone can make an app with enough will power!

Herts University Incubator Group

Support for Caroline and Pocket PA have come from Herts University Business Incubator group. It has provided a hugely valuable fortnightly structure with a group of likeminded start up business owners to share a safe space to discuss their challenges and suggest solutions and helpful connections.  Local networking has also given her a great platform to gather momentum like the St Albans Business Community and STANTA who offer workshops and gave1-2-1 advice in the very early days.

Caroline’s Business Tips

The best tips she can give to anyone just starting out in business is to work smarter and not harder, using tools that make things simple.  Taking small baby steps each and every day leads to consistent growth and progress and creating good habits to grow your business will always stand you in good stead.

  • People matter – so focus on a great customer experience with whoever comes into contact with your business.
  • Be professional and always care about how your ‘brand’ looks and what message it sends out.
  • Don’t cut corners as people notice! Exceed people’s expectations and they will be your best form of advertising.

Pocket PA
Founder: Caroline Syson