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PRESTO started with the idea that no business looking to embrace enterprise on mobile should find technology intimidating. In today’s competitive environment, businesses need to not only get their online presence right but also benefit from operational efficiencies best served by customised SW platforms.

The business was founded in Bangalore, India and further set up in the UK with the aim of scaling internationally. A team of technology and software experts based in Bangalore is headed by an experienced management team and advised by a multinational and highly experienced board.

Technical Consultancy

PRESTO was tasked with providing technical consultancy, design, flow mapping, SW development, testing and support as part of automating the operational complexities associated with beneficiary identification for a Debt Issuer Service provider as part of a major international debt restructuring deal. This also included tracking unlisted asset trades between holders and automating the calculations of entitlements for the holders as part of the tech solution, a process that has been able to be automated for the first time ever.

PRESTO was able to deliver this within strict time deadlines and provided a modern design responsive website where claimants were able register, understand the claims process, provide proof of holdings and view their entitlement status and amounts. The process, user and submissions were managed by the back-end part of the solution by approved admins who were able to view, collaborate, manage and report of the multitude of claims easily, securely and quickly.

What Presto Does

PRESTO designs, develops, hosts and maintains custom SW platforms for enterprises looking to offer mobile and web e-commerce, hospitality sector guest concierge services, modern telecoms self-service app solutions, debt capital market unlisted assets and claims management and mobile on-demand service solutions.

The PRESTO advantage comes from coupling together ready-to-go front end modular components sitting on top of a cloud SaaS back end providing customers with speed of deployment, a rapidly scalable solution and lower costs.

Sagar’s Business Tips

Transitioning from corporate into entrepreneurship has been a challenging yet rewarding period. A major realisation comes from having to overcome challenges on your own and when help is needed knowing where to go get that help instead of feeling perpetually stuck. In that respect the UoH Incubation membership has been invaluable with the help and support in the form of advice, resources and knowledge as well as the structure of the program. A key thing to remember is that entrepreneurship means solving problems and if you figure that out, the rewards can be equally incredible. Along the way, you have the opportunity to learn, develop, grow, network and gain knowledge and business experience.

Sagar Patel