How do manage overwhelm in your microbusiness. When you are the beginning, middle and end of everything that happens in your business, it’s likely you have periods of overwhelm when it’s all just too much and you are wondering how to cope.

Running a microbusiness is hard.  It’s a long list of things ‘to-do’ and when you are the only one who can do them, it can seem a bit of an uphill struggle.  It’s at times like this that you need to try and remember WHY you started in the first place and reconnect with the good things that you get from working for yourself.

Some of the upsides of being self employed

  • Freedom and choices
  • Every day being different
  • Following your passion
  • No-one to answer to

But these can be balanced against the scales of you always being the one responsible for getting it all done.

Remembering WHY?

Remembering WHY you began your business is crucial at these times of overwhelm to keep you grounded enough to push through and get to the next level.

For those whose livelihoods DEPEND so intrinsically upon their own efforts, they are often motivated just that little bit more to go the extra mile, to provide a memorable and outstanding service to ensure repeat bookings, more referrals and they cannot afford to become sick. But this can be exhausting.

No one wants to pursue an income generating passion only for it to fall flat and become disillusioned, in debt and fallen out of love with something that once brought real joy to their lives.

Lack of Time

Overwhelm in your microbusiness and lack of time is the microbusiness owner’s greatest enemy.  So, failing to plan can mean planning to fail.

So, whatever you might be facing right now, here are 3 tips for any micro business either starting up or a little reminder to anyone who just needs a mini reboot …

  1. Work smarter and not harder and find tools to maximise your time and release the pressure and workload in things you don’t like doing / aren’t good at.  We are in the 21st Century and there are plenty of tools out there to help you shine.  Try Pocket PA for starters, made for managing overwhelm in any microbusiness.
  2. Take good care of yourself – eat well, drink plenty (of water obvs!), get enough sleep and do a bit of exercise to release the pressure and to keep your body nourished.  You cannot expect to work like a trojan on an empty or depleted tank so don’t neglect your health and wellbeing or you will get sick.
  3. Ask for help and support to share your worries and concerns, look after your mental health and to take your business to the next level.  You cannot be good at everything and its ok to ask others.  Reach out and find people just a bit ahead of where you are now and ask them how they got there. They will be flattered, recognise your ambition and are usually very happy to help.

Let us know what your biggest challenge is if you work for yourself?