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We Drifters is a premium sleepwear brand, inspired by travel and enhanced with tech. Our debut sleepwear is made from super soft bamboo and anti-insect technology, to help keep bugs at bay. Inspired by travels to South East Asia, and struggles with insects at night, we set about designing sleepwear to give you peace of mind wherever you are.

We Drifters want to make a difference to people’s lives and help end suffering from bug bites. It’s the reason we developed our sleepwear and also why we have partnered with Work for Good to donate £2 from every sale to Malaria No More.

Product: Anti-Insect Sleepwear

Our Anti-Insect Sleepwear is designed for comfort – perfect for your travels at home or away. We use super soft and breathable bamboo fabric which is impregnated with HHL Technology Vital Protection, a revolutionary insect protection that is OEKO-TEX® approved. It is 90% effective against many biting insects, including mosquitoes, midges, ticks, bed bugs, sand flies and fleas. The treatment is invisible and odourless, with no unpleasant feel or effect to the fabric.

The sleepwear includes a top, trousers, socks, and 2-in-1 pillowcase and compact travel bag which all items fit inside.

Naudia’s Business Tip

Before I started the business, I worked as a Director across a few different industries, including healthcare medical communications and travel. My roles have included project management, marketing, and operations. Since starting the business there have been ups and downs, with challenges that often arise. The best support from the University Incubation has been knowing there is a network to access for support and queries. The advice I’d give to someone starting is to talk to someone who has done something similar before and ask lots of questions!

We Drifters
Founder: Naudia Salmon